Shoot Me Now™ 2011 was a great success and attracted participants from France, New Zealand, England and Australia. Films were LIVE on the Shoot Me Now™ website as they were made and news about the project was shared on the Twitter feed @shootmenow2011.


The only creative limits for Shoot Me Now™ 2011 were that films had to be shot in one take and streamed live (using the Qik mobile app). Participants who wanted a little bit more inspiration for their film were offered the opportunity to take part in Film Your Egg | Filme Ton Oeuf: The idea was simple: every 15 minutes someone would direct (live) a video sequence in one take which would involve/ be about an egg. There was only one constraint: films had to begin and end with an extreme close up of the egg to ensure a seamless transition between videos.

Shoot Me Now™ is a global live mobile film event created by mobile film innovators Virtuo (Auckland | Strasbourg | Helsinki) and MINA (New Zealand) as part of the French participatory celebration Le Jour Le Plus Court.