Shoot Me Now™ is a global live mobile film event created by mobile film innovators VIRTUO (Auckland | Strasbourg | Helsinki) with the support of Bambuser (Sweden), MINA (New Zealand) as part of Le Jour Le Plus Court (France) a participatory celebration of short film.

Shoot Me Now™ will live stream short mobile films as they are made, from all over the world, during the whole year.

In keeping with the participatory celebration’s aim to promote collaboration and creativity, anyone with a smartphone and a wifi or 3G connection can take part. Films can be in any style or genre on any subject, but must be shot in one take and streamed live on the Shoot Me Now™ website (via the Bambuser mobile phone app).

Click here to learn how you can take part in Shoot Me Now™.



The team

Laurent Antonczak (VIRTUO),  Mikael Letang (VIRTUO);

with the support of BAMBUSER Team, Brent Loy (illustrations), Pete Lipponen (VIRTUO), Solène Troussé (VIRTUO), Max Schleser (MINA)